World Class Argentina Duck Hunting

Thousands of Acers of Prime Waterfowl Hunting Corn Fields and Lagoons

Just over a 4 hour drive from the international airport, Argentina Duck Hunting Adventures is centrally located in some of the best duck hunting in Argentina! We are surrounded by high-quality farmlands and marshes creating for a perfect balance of feeding grounds. Our hunters enjoy the finest, no-hassle waterfowl hunting experience in Argentina. Your professional hunting guides lead by Segundo Fernández Madero, our master guide, work around the clock to provide you the best hunt possible. Our lodge is located on the outskirts of town with consistent easy access to the blinds on paved roads. So when the weather gets nasty and drops rain we don’t have to mess with muddy roads delaying you getting back to hunting! We prefer to keep our hunting groups to 4 hunters (6 maximum), this way we minimize any pressure and give you the space to relax and enjoy your duck hunting vacation. We hunt mornings, break for a delicious prepared lunch at the lodge, take a short siesta, and then head back to the blind in the late afternoon. We are excited to have MOJO Outdoors as a partner and to use their line of Motion Decoys, which will help funnel in the ducks to your spread and enhance your success rate even more! We offer Benelli Ethos shotguns for rent and Banded Waders FREE OF CHARGE (waders so comfortable you’ll be buying a pair when u get back home), so pack light! You will be impressed by the volume of shooting and variety of duck species available.

Pigeon and Dove Partner

We can also connect you with Dos Plumas, the premiere dove and pigeon hunting guide service in Argentina. We can arrange all the private air transportation service to make it an easy addition to enhance your Argentina hunting experience. Just ask Monty for details. Visit for more information.